Do you own a cat? It simply makes good sense to prevent health problems in your beloved pet before they begin! Below, your Indianapolis, IN veterinarian goes over some of the basic preventative requirements for your feline friend.


All cats need their vaccinations! Vaccines to protect against diseases like feline leukemia, feline viral Rhinotracheitis, calicivirus, feline distemper, and more are essential for your cat’s good health over her lifetime. Talk to your veterinarian if your cat is in need of vaccination.

Pest Control

Even if your cat never ventures outdoors, she’s at risk for contracting fleas or worms. Avoid the risk before any danger rears its ugly head—have your feline friend wear seasonal or year-round preventative medications to get rid of these pests. Your veterinarian can get your pet set up quickly.

Veterinary Exams

Last but not least, regular visits to the vet’s office are important for maintaining your cat’s health over time. This way, any medical concerns can be caught early on, allowing your vet to treat them appropriately before they are allowed to get worse.

Does your cat need pest-control medicine, vaccinations, or an exam? Set up an appointment today at your pet clinic Indianapolis, IN.