Are you considering getting a dog in the near future? A dog is a big commitment, and it’s important to plan it wisely. Anything else just isn’t fair to your potential companion! Here, your pet clinic Aurora, CO discusses a few factors to consider that can help inform your decision. 


Are you someone who travels a lot, either for work or for pleasure? Do you have room at home? The bigger the dog, the more space they’ll need. Thinking about these kind of considerations is important—make sure a dog can fit into your current lifestyle. 

Money and Commitment

Pets of any kind cost money, especially dogs. You’ll want to make sure you understand the financial commitment; you’ll need to have the funds for veterinary bills, food, toys, crates, training, etc. And make sure you understand that your dog will be a multi-year commitment, and perhaps a multi-decade one. 

Family Life

Do you live on your own, or with a partner? Do you have roommates? Do you have children? Consider how a dog will affect those individuals, as well, and if everyone in your family is ready for the commitment. 

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