Pet owners may decide to fly with their animal companions for pleasure or for more practical reasons, like a move. Whatever the reason, there are a few recommendations to follow if you need to travel by air with your pet. Learn more here from a pet clinic Roanoke, VA.

Research Airline Policies

Do your research to find out what the pet policies are for different airlines. Then, you know exactly what you’re getting when you purchase your tickets. Some airlines allow pets to ride in the cabin with you, and others require them to be “stowed” in a special pet area.

Get Your Vet’s All-Clear

Before taking your pet on an airplane, visit your vet to get your anima friend cleared for takeoff. You’ll want to make sure your pet is healthy enough for air travel, as the whole experience can sometimes be very stressful for pets.

Check Your Destination

Before you leave home, make sure that your destination is pet-friendly, whether it’s a hotel, resort, rental property, or even a family member or friend’s home. There’s nothing worse than getting to your destination only to find out Fido or Fluffy isn’t welcome.

Contact your vets Roanoke, VA for more advice.