It’s a safe bet that your dog’s breath doesn’t smell like a field of lilies. Would you like to freshen up Fido’s breath while benefitting his overall oral health? Learn how below from a vet in Livonia, MI.

Fresh Water

Step one for good dental health and fresh breath is providing your dog with a large dish of cool water to drink from at all times. Not only does this keep him properly hydrated, it helps flush out the mouth every time your dog takes a drink. Check the bowl periodically to see if it needs refilled.

Dental Chews and Brushing

By giving your dog chewing items designed to help keep the breath fresh, and brushing his teeth on a regular basis with a canine-formulated toothpaste, you’re keeping your dog’s pearly whites in good condition for years to come. Ask your vet for a recommendation on a good dog toothpaste.

Veterinary Cleanings

There’s just no substitute for professional dental cleanings at your veterinary clinic. If your dog is due for a cleaning, there’s no time to waste. Set up an appointment today!

If you have further questions about your dog’s dental health, call your pet clinic Livonia, MI to learn more.