Is your cat eliminating outside of her litterbox? This happens to about one in every 10 cats at some point or another. Below, learn about why your cat may be doing this and what to do about it as your Westminster, MD veterinarian elaborates.


Did you know that a cat may start to eliminate outside of her box if it’s not cleaned often enough? Just like you, your cat doesn’t like doing her business in a dirty bathroom. Scoop out Fluffy’s box daily, and change the litter entirely about once a week to keep things completely fresh.


Your cat’s bathroom location is very important. Place it in a quiet area of the house where your cat won’t be disturbed while using it. If your pet is startled while using her box, she may associate bad feelings with it and avoid the box entirely!

Medical Concerns

If you can’t seem to tell why your cat is avoiding her litterbox, set up an appointment with your Westminster, MD veterinary clinic today. Various medical issues—urinary tract infections, injury, diseases—could be the root cause!

Call your vet’s office today to schedule your cat’s next office appointment. We’re here to help!