It sure can be a lot of fun to take your pet to the beach with you. It’s important, though, that they stay safe! Use these tips from a South Miami, FL veterinarian to make sure your animal companion stays safe at the shore.

Sunscreen and Shade

Bring along a beach umbrella to provide your pet with shade; you don’t want to risk sunstroke or deadly heat exhaustion. You may also consider applying a canine- or feline-specific sunscreen to your pet, as animals are susceptible to sunburn just as we are. Pick this up at a pet store, and ask your vet to recommend a good brand.

Fresh Water

There might be an ocean in front of you, but it’s not at all safe to let your pet drink from it. The salt water, bacteria, and other contaminants aren’t good for them. Bring along a thermos of cool, fresh water just for your pet, and offer them sips from it regularly.

Rinse Out the Coat

Allowing salt and sand to remain in your pet’s coat is never a good idea—rinse your pet thoroughly when you leave the beach.

Contact your animal hospital South Miami, FL for other great tips.