Have you ever seen your feline friend chew on one of your house plants? It’s a relatively common habit among cats. Of course, it can prove dangerous because some plants aren’t good for cats! Learn how to put a stop to this behavior as your veterinary clinic Rochester, NY tells you more below.

Choosing Safe Plants

First things first: populate your home with cat-safe plants rather than toxic ones. Ask your vet about cat-safe plants and watch out for the harmful ones. The list of dangerous plants includes dieffenbachia, elephant ear, ivy, oleander, lilies, the sago palm, tulips, philodendron, and rhododendron, among many others.

Place Plants Well

Put plants in high places where your cat isn’t as likely to be able to get to them. This greatly lowers the chance of nibbling, and it reduces the chance of a mess to clean up!

Try Using Deterrents

Cats don’t like the smell of citrus; try adding a little lemon juice to your plants. You can also use cayenne pepper or purchase a deterrent from a pet store made specifically for this purpose.

Learn more about your cat’s health and care needs by calling your animal clinic Rochester, NY. We’re always here to help!