Think of all that your dog’s paws do for him—they let him walk, run, feel, touch, scratch, and much more! Here, your Riverside County, CA vet gives you three tips for keeping these essential body parts healthy.

Regular Paw Check

Sit down with your dog on a regular basis to give the paws a quick once-over. Check in between the toes; it’s very easy for small objects—pebbles, burrs, bits of plastic and metal, twigs, etc.—to get stuck there. Also take note of any wounds or scratches and let your veterinarian know if you see something serious.

Nail Trims

Nail trims are another part of good paw care. When nails are allowed to become too long and sharp, they can fracture painfully and get snagged easily in carpets or other surfaces. Use a canine-specific nail trimmer to blunt the tips of your dog’s claws.

Paw Pad Safety

Asphalt can heat up dramatically when the sun beats down on it all day; whenever possible, have your dog avoid walking on such surfaces. It’s very easy for the paw pads to become burnt or blistered.

Want more advice on keeping your dog’s paws healthy? Call your animal hospital riverside county, CA.