Playing with your pooch is about more than good plain fun (although it’s great for that!). Playing has many benefits—here, your Newport Beach, CA discusses just a few of them.

Physical Activity

Of course, regular playtime means your dog is getting good, consistent exercise. This keeps the body limber and muscular and will keep your dog healthy for as long as possible. Play with toys, romp around on the living room floor, or jog through the backyard to get your pooch moving.

Mental Stimulation

Playing also allows dogs to stay mentally engaged and active. Dogs who don’t get playtime very often tend to act out in undesirable ways, and may exhibit aggression, chewing, scratching, house soiling, and other bad behaviors. Keep your dog properly stimulated with regular playtime.

Pet-Owner Bonding

Don’t underestimate the power of the bond between you and your canine companion. It’s one of the strongest you may ever have! Playing facilitates and strengthens this bond quite nicely; you don’t want to take for granted the valuable time you have with your beloved pet.

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