Even the most wonderful of our animal companions can begin to leave our homes smelling a little foul now and again. If you’d like to return your living space to its former fresh scent, use these tips from your veterinarian Fox Chapel, PA:


Grooming your pet on a regular basis can do wonders for cutting back on pet smells. Brush your pet daily; this removes grime from the skin, gets rid of loose hair and prevents it from winding up all over your home, and even spreads essential skin oils through your pet’s fur to moisturize the coat naturally. The occasional bath also makes a huge difference!

Odor-Control Products

Be sure to purchase odor-control products and stain removers that are designed specifically for pet odors. Air fresheners simply mask over smells, letting them return over time! Ask your vet for a recommendation on high-quality pet-specific products.

See Your Vet

If your pet seems particularly smelly, or if they’ve developed an odor out of nowhere, it’s time to see the vet. Medical issues—skin infection, parasites, wounds, and more—could be the root cause!

Want to know more about defeating pet odors at home? Contact your animal hospital Fox Chapel, PA.