It’s all too easy for our indoor cats to become sedentary, putting on excess weight and ultimately impacting their own health for the worse. Keep your feline friend moving—try these exercise tips from a Marietta, GA veterinarian.


There’s nothing like a good cat toy. Even a string dangling in front of your cat’s face will work! This way, your cat gets a good workout and burns excess calories on a regular basis. Set aside time every day to play with your cat.

Cat Furniture

A cat tower allows your pet to jump and climb on her own, even when you’re not home. Many towers also come with scratching posts and toys built right in. They’re a great way to entice your cat into getting appropriate physical activity. Visit your local pet supply store to browse the selection.

Laser Light

Try out a laser light toy on your cat—many of our feline friends just can’t get enough of that pesky red light. Just make sure you don’t shine the light directly into Fluffy’s eyes, though.

Would you like more tips on getting your indoor cat the exercise she needs? Contact your animal clinic Marietta, GA today for help.