We’ve all run into them in our lives – dogs who simply will not do what you ask. Whatever are we to do with them? Well have no fear! There are plenty of tricks you can use to encourage your dog to comply! For the best information, ask your Thorold vet.


Most dogs are susceptible to straight up bribery. They will do most anything for food – especially the stubborn ones! So use something that scented and slimy such as a cut up hot dog piece to get the dog’s attention. Then slowly work with them until they move into the position you want, such as sitting or lying down. For more information, ask your Thorold vet.

Praise and Encouragement

Always make sure that you’re praising your dog for good behavior. The benefits of positive motivation cannot be understated. Dogs respond well to praise and petting. For more tricks, check with your Thorold vet.

Stubborn dogs tend to be highly intelligent. Work with that during playtime and try to keep them engaged. This will help keep their minds active. Check with your Thorold vet for the best tips.

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