It’s important to socialize your kitten properly so that they develop into a well-adjusted, polite adult cat. Below, your Mt. Pleasant, SC vet tells you what to do based on your kitten’s age.

Three to Four Weeks

By this age, your kitten’s eyes and ears are completely functional. This means that they’re able to experience the sensations of being held and handled. Spend time with your kitten every day, petting and holding them. Try to keep sessions short, though—it’s possible to overstimulate kittens at this young age.

Up to Seven Weeks

Continue handling your kitten daily as they age to seven weeks. You can try to start introducing toys at this stage, because your kitten’s natural hunting instincts are probably starting to kick in by now.

After Seven Weeks

After seven weeks of age, your kitten will start to blossom into a well-socialized, properly adjusted young cat. While still keeping up daily contact and handling, try getting your kitten used to other things such as crating, other parts of the house, or new family members that she hasn’t met.

If you need help with your kitten’s socialization or behavior, don’t hesitate to contact your pet clinic Mt. Pleasant, SC.

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