Is your dog getting up there in the age department? Now more than ever, he needs your love and care. Here, your London, ON vet gives you three tips to keep your aging dog healthy.

Senior Diet

Many older dogs will benefit from a specially formulated senior diet, made specifically for the nutritional needs of an aging canine. If your elderly pet isn’t eating a senior diet already, ask your veterinarian to recommend one and about the best way to transition between foods.

Regular Exercise

Just because your dog is older doesn’t mean he can’t exercise. In fact, keeping up your dog’s exercise regimen is essential for keeping the body healthy and fit. Walk with your dog daily, or play games like fetch and tug-of-war to get your dog the physical activity he needs.

Pet Ramps

Your dog, especially if he’s suffering from the painful twinges of arthritis, probably needs a little help around the house. Build or buy pet ramps to serve this purpose—with these, dogs can get up on furniture or up and down the staircase with ease.

Want more helpful tips on caring for your senior pooch? Give your vet in London, ON a call today.

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