Aging cats have different care requirements than felines in their middle-aged or younger years. If your cat falls into the senior category, use these tips from a Livonia, MI vet to keep them happy and healthy.

Senior Diet

Is your older cat eating a specially formulated senior diet that is made to promote good health in old age? Ask your veterinarian to recommend one, and ask about the proper way to transition your cat’s diet from her current food to a nutritionally balanced, age-appropriate kibble.

Home Modification

Build or buy pet ramps to help your cat up and down the staircase or up onto furniture. You can also lay down carpet strips on slippery tile or wooden floors in order to help your cat retain her footing.

Regular Veterinary Care

Now more than ever, regular veterinary visits are essential for your cat’s health. In this way, your cat’s vaccinations and preventatives can be kept up to date, and your vet can catch any health problems early, before they develop into more major issues. Most veterinarians recommend at least bi-yearly appointments for senior cats; call your Livonia, MI vet’s office today to get your cat set up with a checkup regimen.

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