Do you have an elderly cat? Now more than ever, they need your love and attention. Here, your Thousand Oaks, CA vet gives you a few tips on making your senior feline’s life a little easier.

Home Modification

Consider purchasing or building pet ramps to help your cat up onto windowsills or her favorite piece of furniture. These can be very helpful for older cats, especially those suffering from painful arthritis. You can also try lining slippery tile or wooden floors with carpet strips; these help cats maintain their footing on these surfaces.

Multiple Litter Boxes

Your senior cat probably doesn’t relish the idea of trekking up and down a staircase every time she has to use the bathroom. If your home has multiple floors, try setting up a litter box on each one. This makes life easier for your cat and minimizes the chance of accidents on the carpet.

Senior Diet

All older cats should be fed a high-quality, nutritionally balanced diet formulated specially for the needs of seniors. Ask your vet for a recommendation if your cat isn’t eating a senior diet already.

Your veterinary clinic Thousand Oaks, CA can offer more senior cat-care tips—call the office today!

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