There are plenty of parasitic worms out there that can harm our dogs. But contrary to its name, ringworm isn’t a worm at all, but a fungal infection. It’s named for the red ring shape that appears on human skin when the infection is contracted. Learn more about ringworm in dogs as your vets Jacksonville, FL elaborates: 

Symptoms of Ringworm

A dog contracts ringworm when they come into contact with fungal spores in their environment. Symptoms include crusted spots or scaly areas on the skin, loss of hair, and hair that easily falls out when the dog is touched. 

Treating Ringworm

A case of ringworm is typically treated with a combination of oral medications, topical lotions applied to your dog’s skin, and medicated shampoos. Since ringworm can spread between pets, it will be necessary to quarantine your dog from other animals in the house. And be sure to wear gloves when handling your pup, because you can contract ringworm, too! 

Preventing Ringworm

You can’t prevent every case of ringworm. However, keeping your dog away from any known sources or carriers in your area is the best method for avoiding the issue.

Contact your animal hospital Jacksonville, FL to learn more.

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