If you are the proud new recipient of a brand new puppy, congratulations! Now you’re probably wondering what you should do at home to ensure that your new family member is safe and sound. For the best information, check with your Myrtle Beach vet.

Keep Everything Put Away

If it is out and accessible, the puppy is guaranteed to find it! They have nothing but time to explore their new surroundings. Make sure that there aren’t any small items out for the curious little creatures to choke on. Check with your Myrtle Beach vet for more ideas.

Keep a Close Eye

For the first few weeks, you’re going to want to be around the puppies whenever they’re doing pretty much anything outside of their crates (not that you could stop watching them anyway!). Just make sure they don’t get into any typical puppy mischief and get hurt. Ask your Myrtle Beach vet for specifics to look for.

Above all, enjoy the new puppy! Everyone will be jealous of you and will want to come and visit. Check with your Myrtle Beach vet for great ideas on how to socialize your new addition.


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