Everyone knows that a pet’s hygiene is a critical component to its health, just like taking regular showers or baths are for humans. How often your pet requires grooming largely depends on its breed, as long haired dogs and cats require more attention than their short-haired counterparts.

In many comedy movies involving a new dog owner with an especially mischievous pet show a scene where the owner tries to bathe the animal as funny hijinx ensue. Indeed, for many of us, it can be a full-time job keeping our lovable companions clean, so we go to the professionals. But in addition to this, many people don’t quite realize why professional grooming can be so beneficial to your pet’s overall health. Here are some reasons why it might be the most sensible option for your pet’s wellbeing:

  • Experience really counts.

All sorts of pets can be troublesome around water. Even some breeds of dogs who are natural swimmers still sometimes run for the hills when the faucet or hose comes on. Experience really counts in terms of keeping the pet calm and cleaning all of the more neglected areas.

  • Groomers are incredibly thorough.

Whether it’s making sure that all excrement is completely removed from hair under the pet’s tail to effectively trimming claws to the ideal size, the professionals ply their trade all day, every day. When’s the last time your cat or dog let you grab its paw long enough to effectively clean  or trim it? How often do we trim the hair that can get caught up inside a dog’s ear canal? For many of us, this is incredibly difficult and time-consuming. For the optimal health of your pet, a professional grooming might be the best way to go.

  • It removes dead skin and reduces shedding.

Rarely are we able to get done at home what the specially designed grooming stations can do at a professional groomer. This includes massaging away dead skin that gets trapped in the animal’s coat and reducing the amount of shedding at home.

  • Extra Set of Eyes

There are many conditions which can be difficult for most of us to notice. Professional groomers have a lot of experience with a variety of animals. Often times, they can see what some of us might miss as we live with our pets every day.

Overall, it is the best option to optimize your pet’s quality and quantity of life. In the Niagara Falls area, visit veterinary clinic Niagara falls for more information about taking care of your pet’s needs.

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