If your pet is scheduled for surgery in the near future—even a minor procedure like a spay or neuter surgery—they need your love and attention now more than ever. Learn more here from a North Phoenix, AZ veterinarian.

Follow Vet’s Instructions

Rule number one: follow your vet’s instructions to the letter while your pet is recovering from a surgical procedure. Outpatient care needs will vary widely based on the surgery performed and your pet’s own progress; your vet knows what’s best for your particular pet, so listen to everything they say!

Monitor Your Pet

Don’t leave your pet alone in the house, because it’s all too easy for a pet to accidently pull out stitches or irritate wound sites. Let your vet know right away if you see inflammation and redness, discharge, unusual odors, or other abnormalities at the site of your pet’s surgery.

Bathroom Breaks

Pets shouldn’t be allowed outside after surgery, with one exception: bathroom breaks. Support your pet while they’re doing their business outdoors, and remember that pets may need to use the bathroom more frequently after a surgical procedure.

To learn more about post-operative care for pets, contact your animal hospital North Phoenix, AZ.

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