Pet insurance is a great idea for many pet owners, and it’s the perfect way to save money if a health issue or accident were ever to affect your pet. To learn more about pet insurance, read on as your Aurora, CO vet goes over the basics.

How Does Pet Insurance Work?

Pet insurance works just like the other types of insurance that you’re used to. You’ll pay a monthly or yearly premium and have a set deductible amount. There are various types of pet insurance plans out there—do some research to find out what kind of service might work best for your pet and their needs.

What Does Pet Insurance Cover?

Different plans cover different things. Some cover only catastrophic health concerns, while others may help cover the costs of medication or office visits. Working with your veterinarian, you can determine what sort of coverage might work best for your pet depending on their current healthcare needs.

What If I Have More Than One Pet?

If you own more than one pet, a multi-pet insurance plan may be prudent. Ask yoru vet for more information on this type of plan.

Call your veterinarian Aurora, CO to learn more.

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