Did you know that there a few areas of your home that can prove hazardous to pets, no matter how conscientious you are about safety? Fortunately, some simple awareness is all it takes to keep your pet safe! Learn more here from a vet Savannah, GA.

The Kitchen

Plenty of foods in your kitchen aren’t good for pets; onions, garlic, grapes and raisins, avocado, chocolate, alcohol, salty foods, and caffeine are just a few examples. Kitchens are also home to sharp objects—knives, graters, soup can lids—and hot surfaces like coffee pots, stove tops, ovens, and more. It’s best to keep pets out of the kitchen when cooking!

The Medicine Cabinet

All sorts of medications can prove harmful to pets, including aspirin, cough syrup, antidepressants, and prescription drugs. Never allow your pet access to the medicine cabinet—instead, keep it sealed tightly at all times. Store your pet’s own medicines in a completely separate area to avoid dangerous mix-ups.

The Supply Closet

Cleaning supplies like household disinfectants, bleach, furniture polish, glass cleaner, and much more could harm a pet who manages to swallow them. Store these products where pets can’t reach!

For more tips, call your veterinarian Savannah, GA.

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