Animals play rough – far rougher than most human children. They are developing skills that they will use throughout their lives. Also, they are letting out their energy in mostly healthy and productive ways. So how do you know when it’s going too far? And what are the normal displays that cats do? Your Fort Collins vet has the best information.

Play Fights

Everyone can see when two cats are simply playing. This often happens when there are more than one cat in a single household. It can sometimes happen among cats from different households, but this is more rare. These are simple and innocent, rarely if ever causing an injury. Your Fort Collins vet can provide even more.

Dominance Displays

These are when a cat is trying to show dominance over another. These are usually indicators that the cats should probably be separated. This is due to the potential injury that could result. Check with your Fort Collins vet if a cat is injured.

Outright Fighting

These are dangerous and potentially deadly. It’s important to keep your cat away from strays and treat any accident injuries at your Fort Collins vet.