So you want a bigger dog breed, but you only live in a small house or apartment and don’t have access to a yard. Is this something that can be overcome? Always check with your Indianapolis vet for more information about making this decision.


It’s important to remember that dogs can live almost anywhere. They are incredibly versatile and respond to new environments well. It isn’t so much the environment but rather the attention that you can give the dog. Would your dog need to be cooped up for long periods of time while you’re at work? This might not be the best option for you. Ask your Indianapolis vet for some good ideas here.

Some are Better than Others

Surprisingly enough, some large dogs actually make perfect apartment dogs. Mastiffs and Greyhounds actually do more in smaller bursts. The rest of the day, they are lounging around like a teenager! Just ask your Indianapolis vet.

Whichever breed you choose, make sure that you have adequate time to spend with it. Dogs love attention and will be the most loyal friends ever. Keep up with your Indianapolis vet for more details.