When thinking about the number of cats you wish to adopt, it is important to take several things into account. Before you decide to get a second cat, it’s a good idea to check with your Marietta veterinarian for the best information.

Factors to Consider

This decision should be made based on your cat’s social temperament. Sometimes, you might need to test out a new cat before you decide to make it a permanent feature of your household. Adult cats can be very hostile to unrelated felines. So it could take a great deal of time to successfully introduce the cat into the pre-existing environment. Check with your Marietta veterinarian to make sure.

Finally, just because a new cat and your first cat aren’t friends immediately doesn’t mean that they can’t become that way over time. Give them some space and let the introduction be gradual. Let them find each other on their own terms and you’ll be pleasantly surprised by how they react to one another. Your Marietta veterinarian can offer you more great advice when making this decision.