To some, it’s a higher calling while to others, it’s a silly affair – humans dressing up their dogs in clothes! So, to answer this age-old question here and now, we’re going to go over the basics. For the best pet information, check out your Gresham vet.

Fur-length is Key

As it turns out, it depends on the type of dog and the climate. One of the main factors to consider is that in hotter climates, long-haired and thicker-fur dogs will sometimes require a trim to keep them cool. This will go a long way to ensuring your dog doesn’t overheat.

Canine Clothing

In colder climates, shorter-haired dogs will indeed benefit from some sort of extra layer such as a doggie sweater. Check with your Gresham vet for more about dog fur and weather conditions.

For more pet-related advice, check with your Gresham vet.