For humans, a good shower or bath when we’re gross is one of life’s greatest pleasures. If only our dogs felt the same! We all know that it’s important for our dogs to have proper hygiene, but how often do they really need a bath? You Livonia vet can help you better understand this.


If your dog is mostly an indoor dog, it won’t necessarily get dirty as often as it won’t collect dirt and soil with as much frequency. For a more specific time frame, check with your Livonia vet.

Getting Used to it

It’s important to start associating the bath with positive things as early as possible. This will help set the standard for the rest of your dog’s life and help it to not fear bath time. Toys, treats, and high praise are great ways to make sure this goes over well.

Make sure you start as a puppy if possible. This will make it so much easier as it will understand what’s going on. Ask your Livonia vet about the benefits of professional grooming.


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