There is always a concern when you first bring home a newborn baby as to how the pets will react. It is important to always keep your pet’s personality in mind when deciding how and when to expose them to your baby. Check with your Aurora vet clinic for more details.


It is important to evaluate the sort of access that any potential pet will have to your child. If you have a crib, is there any risk the cat might get into it? What about a dog’s access to a baby carrier? Check with your Aurora vet for the best answers. Remember that temperaments can change, and there is no telling for certain how your pet will react to the new baby.


Ask your Aurora vet for advice. It can help to begin a few weeks before the child comes with a doll. Carry it around, show it attention, and start to act with it as you will with your own child. This can help you begin to predict your pet’s behavior and in some cases prepare your pet for the new addition. Ask your Aurora vet for more information.


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