Mother dogs with newborn puppies don’t need much help taking care of them, but there are still a few things you can do. Ask your Myrtle Beach vet how you can best help a mother dog.


Dogs with puppies under four weeks old need a “whelping box” for their puppies – a large box lined with blankets or towels. This is where she will nurse her pups. Make sure to change the bedding frequently, and keep the box in a safe area with an even temperature. Your Myrtle Beach vet can tell you what else she may need in her nest area.


A new mother will be eating more than normal. Make sure she has plenty of food and water at all times. Ask your Myrtle Beach vet what food is best for your nursing dog.


Puppies will begin weaning at around four weeks of age, and you can help them by making sure they have easily accessible puppy food. You may need to show it to them a few times before they find it on their own. Your Myrtle Beach vet can help you choose the right food for your puppies.

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