Having a cat with new kittens is very exciting. The kittens will begin nursing right away. What can you do to help the mother? Your Indianapolis, IN vet can tell you what she will need.


Mother cats need accessible food and water. She will also need a special kitten-formula food to provide the right nutrients for her kittens. If she is picky about dry food, try wet instead. Ask your Indianapolis, IN vet what food is best for a new mother.


Very young kittens will stay in a “nest” area most of the time, including during nursing. You can prepare a box for them with towels or blankets inside and show this to the mother cat. However, she may choose a different nest area. Ask your Indianapolis, IN vet what else you can do to prepare your house for kittens.


When kittens are around five weeks old, the mother will begin weaning them. You can help by providing solid food for the kittens and encouraging them to try it. Make sure to talk to your vet clinic Indianapolis, IN before doing this, to confirm that the kittens are ready for solid food.

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