Marijuana continues to see legalization across various states and municipalities, and it brings up important questions for you and your dog. To put it simply, the drug isn’t as fun for your dog as it might be for you! Learn more about dogs and marijuana in this article from pet clinic Marietta, GA.

Can my dog get high?

Yes, your dog can technically get high. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the psychoactive ingredient in marijuana and it affects dogs just like it affects humans. But dogs don’t realize what’s happening, and their smaller size makes it more potent. And that can lead to marijuana poisoning. 

What does marijuana poisoning look like?

Symptoms of marijuana poisoning include incontinence, hypersensitivity to touch and sound, and loss of coordination. 

What if my dog eats marijuana?

If your dog eats marijuana, take them to the veterinary emergency room. Note that “edibles,” which are typically made with sugar, butter, or fat, are just as dangerous. Your veterinarian may need to induce vomiting or give supportive fluids, so quick action is of the essence. 

Talk to the professionals at your veterinary clinic Marietta, GA to learn more about marijuana poisoning in dogs and how to keep Fido safe.

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