If your pet is getting up there in the age department, he or she could undoubtedly use a little help around the house. Use your Columbia, MD veterinarian’s tips, listed below, to make your aging pet’s life a little easier.

Pet Ramps

Try building or buying pet ramps to set up around the house to aid with your pet’s mobility. These can be placed against furniture to help your pet get up on a favorite couch, or up the staircase to help your pet navigate up and down. Pet ramps are especially helpful for animals suffering from arthritis.

Line Slippery Floors

Does your home have slippery tile or wooden floors that your pet must traverse? Try lining these surfaces with carpet strips or sections to help your pet maintain their footing. It’s a small addition that can go a long way!

Raise Dishes

Raising your pet’s food and water dish onto a small platform can be very helpful, and it’s a lifesaver for pets dealing with arthritis pain. This way, your pet doesn’t have to bend down as far to eat and drink.

Does your senior pet need veterinary attention? Make an appointment at your animal hospital Columbia, MD today.

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