It’s not always easy to get a look inside our feline friends’ mouths. That’s why it’s easy to forget about proper dental care! Make sure your cat’s mouth stays in tip-top shape with these tips from a Savannah, GA veterinarian.

Quality Diet

The first step toward great dental health—not to mention overall well-being—is feeding your cat a high-quality diet. When Fluffy gets all the right nutrients through her food, the teeth and gums stay healthy. Ask your vet to recommend a great diet choice for your feline friend.

Dental Chews

There are a wide variety of dental hygiene products out there for cats. Ask your vet to recommend a good one for your pet; it’s a great way to have your cat keep her own mouth clean while offering her a tasty treat that she’ll love!

Veterinary Visits

Of course, visits to the veterinarian’s office for oral checkups, as well as professional dental cleanings, are important for keeping your cat’s teeth and gums in top working order. If your cat hasn’t had a cleaning in a while, set up an appointment right away at your animal clinic Savannah, GA to get your cat the oral care they need.

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