Dental disease is very common amongst our cats and dogs. Fortunately, it’s also very preventable with good care! Here, your Glendale, AZ vet offers three quick tips.

Mouth Checkups

Examine your pet’s mouth about once a week by gently peeling back the lips to expose the teeth and gums. Look for swelling, bleeding, redness, cracked teeth, brown-colored plaque build-up, or anything else that looks abnormal. Let your veterinarian know if you find something amiss.


Pick up a pet toothbrush and a canine-formulated toothpaste at your local pet supply store. Brushing your pet’s teeth on a regular basis removes grime and plaque, keeping the teeth and gums as healthy as possible in between professional cleanings.

Chew Toys and Diet

Chew toys are important for scraping away loose plaque before it hardens into dangerous tartar. A proper diet provides your pet with nutrients needed for strong teeth and healthy gums. Ask your vet for a recommendation on your pet’s diet.

Does your pet need a veterinary appointment? Do you have more questions about the best ways to maintain your dog or cat’s dental health? We’re always here to help! Set up an appointment today with your veterinary clinic Glendale, AZ today.

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