It’s very important to place your cat’s litter box properly in order to avoid any box aversions and subsequent accidents on the rug. Here, your San Diego, CA vet tells you how and where to place your cat’s box:

Low-Traffic Area

Would you like to use the bathroom in the most crowded area of the house? Of course not! Neither does your cat. Place the box in a quiet basement or back room where your feline friend won’t be disturbed.

Constantly Accessible

Don’t make the mistake of placing your cat’s box somewhere that may occasionally get blocked off by a screen door or other physical obstacle. If this happens, your cat will be forced to do her business elsewhere.

Consider Multiple Boxes

Even if you only have one cat in the house, it may be prudent to set up multiple litter boxes. It’s especially helpful for older cats who don’t feel like traipsing up and down the staircase every time they have to use the bathroom. Consider putting a litter box on each floor of the home for your cat’s convenience.

Your veterinarians San Diego, CA can tell you more about your cat’s litter box needs. Call the clinic today!

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