Are you new to cat ownership? You may be wondering where the best place is to put your cat’s litter box. Below, your Rochester, NY veterinarian gives you three easy tips.

Far From Food

Don’t place your cat’s litter box near her food and water dishes—much like us, cats don’t like to do their business near their dinner table! Cats have been known to avoid the litter box or shun their own food when the two are placed in close proximity to each other.

Quiet Zone

Who wants to use the bathroom in a crowded, noisy area? Not your cat! Put your cat’s box in a quiet back room, such as a laundry room or bathroom. This way, Fluffy won’t be disturbed while she’s doing her business, making her more likely to use the box properly as time goes on.

Easily Accessed Area

Don’t allow any physical obstacles—screen doors, sliding glass doors, etc.—to block your feline friend’s path to the litter box, especially when you’re not home. If this happens, your cat will be forced to use the bathroom elsewhere!

Need help with your cat’s litter box practices? We’re here to help! Call your vets Rochester, NY.

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