Where you place your cat’s litter box is very important. Our feline friends tend to be quite picky about this sort of thing! Learn more here from a vet in Lafayette, LA:

Far From Food

Would you like eating close to where you use the restroom? Neither does your cat! Keep the litter box and Fluffy’s food and water dishes separated. Cats have been known to stop eating, or shun the litter box, if the two are in close proximity.

Quiet Locale

Like us, cats prefer doing their business in peace and quiet. For this reason, make sure your cat’s bathroom is located in a quiet, out-of-the-way place like a basement, back bedroom, or bathroom. This way, they’re not likely to be disturbed while using the litter box.

Easily Accessed Area

Don’t allow a screen door, sliding door, or some other physical obstacle to block your cat’s path to the litter box. If this happens, your cat will be forced to use the restroom elsewhere, leaving you with a mess to deal with!

Do you need help getting your cat to use the litter box? We’re here for all of your pet-care needs—contact your Animal Hospital Lafayette, LA today.

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