As your cat ages, her nutritional needs change somewhat. That means that your cat must be fed a different kind of food when she’s a senior than the food she received as a kitten! Here, your veterinarian Marietta, GA elaborates.


Newborn kittens require their mother’s milk, or a synthetic formula if the mother isn’t available. As a kitten gets a bit older, they’ll start to be fed a wet kitten food until transitioning into dry kibble a bit later.

Adult Cats

Adult cats should be fed a high-quality, well-balanced feline diet that is properly formulated for the nutritional needs of middle age. Your veterinarian can offer a recommendation; call the office today to learn more!

Senior Companions

If your cat is getting along in years, her nutritional requirements are much different than they used to be. This means that a nutritionally balanced senior cat food is in order! This type of food can help with digestion, bone and joint health, skin and fur quality, and much more.

No matter the stage of life your cat is in, we’re here to help when it comes to your pet’s dietary needs. Contact your vet Marietta, GA for further nutritional advice today!

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