You’ve heard of antibiotics for human patients, and have probably taken them yourself at some point or another. Antibiotics are also very effective in the world of veterinary medicine. Learn more here from a pet clinic Tampa, FL.

Why Are Antibiotics Prescribed?

Antibiotics kill bacteria living in or on your pet’s body. They do not treat viral infections, only bacterial or fungal ones. These medications work by weakening bacteria, interfering with bacteria cells’ capability to repair themselves, or by preventing bacteria from multiplying.

How Are They Administered?

Antibiotics may come in pill or tablet form (usually to treat internal infections) or as topical creams or ointments, meant to kill bacteria on the skin. Sometimes, antibiotics are to be taken with food to improve absorption in the gut, while some must be given on an empty stomach to prevent the binding of medication with ingredients in food.

Can Antibiotics Cause Side Effects?

It’s possible for pets to experience side effects like vomiting or diarrhea, but this isn’t common. Call your vet if your pet isn’t responding well to an antibiotic.

Learn more about veterinary antibiotics by calling your animal hospital Tampa, FL. We’re here to answer your questions about your pet’s health!

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