So you’ve gone for it: you have a larger dog in a city apartment. You know that dogs are adaptable and can be happy in most any environment, but how do you plan on making sure it gets enough exercise? For precise information, check with your Montgomery vet.

The Dog Park

Many urban areas now have public dog parks where you can take your canine companion to get some great exercise! Check with your Montgomery vet for more.


Chances are good there will be some sort of nature preserve with hiking trails near you. Look around online for some good ones to you and take your dog with you to explore nature. Ask your Montgomery vet for precautions.

Tug of Way

Stuck inside due to the weather? Well a nice, gentle game of tug of war can be great exercise for both you and your dog! Check with your Montgomery vet to ensure that its teeth are healthy. This is both fun and engaging!

There are many other ways to make sure that they’re getting all of the exercise needed. Don’t let a small living space get in the way!

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