If you have new kittens, you may wonder if they should go outside. Most cats are comfortable outside, but your San Diego vet will want you to ease your kitten into the great outdoors.


Kittens should not go outside until after their first round of vaccinations, usually when they are 13-14 weeks old. Also, don’t leave your kitten alone outside until he or she has been spayed or neutered. Your San Diego vet may have further guidelines for you.

The First Time

When your kittens first go outside, go with them! Choose a day with nice weather, and a quiet time of day. Walk around with your kittens, and make sure they see how to come back inside. Ask your San Diego vet how many times you should accompany your kittens.

Cat Flaps

Once your kittens are comfortable going outside, you can install a cat flap on your door to make it easier for them. Prop open the door for the first couple of days, and help your kitten through it a few times using food as incentive. Your Animal hospital San Diego, CA will be able to suggest the best type of flap for your cat.

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