Are you going to be bringing your canine companion with you to the beach soon? This sure is a lot of fun, but make sure your pooch stays safe. Use these tips from a Fort Myers, FL vet to do just that.


Just like us, dogs are at risk for getting sunburnt. It’s especially likely on areas not covered by fur, like the nose tip and ear edges. Purchase and apply a canine-formulated sunscreen to combat the sun’s harmful rays. These products are available at pet supply stores and some vets’ offices, so ask your vet for a recommendation.

Water Safety

Only allow your dog into the shallows of the ocean—it’s far too easy for dogs to become overwhelmed if they get too far out, even if they are strong swimmers. Plus, deadly rip currents can sweep away any dog, athletic or not.

Rinse Off

It’s not a good idea to leave sand and salt in your dog’s coat. These will irritate the skin and dry out the fur over time. Be sure to rinse your dog’s coat thoroughly with fresh water once you’ve left the beach.

Ask your Fort Myers, FL veterinarian for more beach safety tips.

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