The temperatures are creeping up, and as you prepare yourself for summer, make sure your dog is healthy, too! Hydration is just as important for animals as it is for us. Ask your Thorold, ON vet how much water your dog needs on a hot day.

Extra Hydration

Like us, dogs need more water than usual when it’s hot outside and when they have exercised. Take extra water along for your dogs when you walk them. They may also need more water when taking medication; your Thorold, ON vet can advise you.

Water Bowls

Water bowls can collect bacteria, so remember to clean your dogs’ bowls frequently. Keep two or three for them in different parts of the house. Choose a bowl that’s the right size for your dog– not too big or too deep. Your Thorold, ON vet can advise you. Also, try to keep your dogs from drinking out of the toilet!


If your dog has dry gums and sunken eyes, or seems significantly less energetic than usual, he may be dehydrated. If you think this is the case, consult your animal hospital Thorold, ON right away.

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