It’s no wonder our dogs don’t always enjoy the vet’s office. They know they’re about to be poked and prodded in the presence of unfamiliar people and pets! If your dog experiences anxiety about the vet’s office, try these tips from a veterinarian Scottsdale, AZ to keep him calm.

Mock Exams

In the weeks before your dog’s appointment, take some time to perform fake exams on your pooch. Set them up on a table, steadying them with one hand, and prod them a bit with the other. This way, they get used to the sensations they’ll experience at the vet’s office!

Car Anxiety

If your car only ever takes your dog to the vet’s office, it’s obvious why they’re anxious. Be sure to take Fido on small, fun trips around the neighborhood so that he realizes car rides aren’t always bad.

A Sense of Home

Your dog might feel most comfortable if he’s kept in his crate in the waiting room. Be sure to provide your pooch with a few familiar toys and a blanket from home; this may help him to feel calmer before his examination.

Does your dog need a veterinary appointment? Call your animal hospital Scottsdale, AZ.

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