Ever wish you could keep Fluffy entertained when you’re away? You can! Below, your London, ON gives you three easy solutions for keeping your cat occupied when you’re not there.


Good old-fashioned cat toys are great for entertaining your feline friend and giving her a good workout at the same time. Most cats will play with their toys by themselves when the mood strikes them—just make sure your pet has plenty of toys available in plain view.

Cat Tower

Cat towers allow cats to entertain themselves, and they offer a high vantage point that cats love. Plus, many come with built-in scratching posts, toys, and other goodies. Pick up a sturdy cat tower at your local pet supply store or retail outlet.

Cat DVDs

Have you ever heard of DVDs for cats? They play a loop of birds, mice, or other critters moving around, and cats love watching for hours on end. These are great for giving your cat something to do when you’re going to be away for an extended period of time!

Want more options for keeping your feline friend occupied? Contact your London, ON veterinarian’s office for more advice on your cat’s healthcare and behavior.

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