If your cat is like most, he’s not very fond of visiting the vet. It’s really no wonder—after all, your four-legged friend is about to get poked, prodded, and probed in the presence of many foreign animals and people! Here, your Mt. Pleasant, SC vet tells you how to keep your cat calm.

Acclimate to Carrier

If your cat’s carrier only ever takes him to the vet’s office, he associates it naturally with feelings of fear and anxiety. Use your cat’s carrier often so that he gets used to it.

Acclimate to Car

Just as the carrier may induce negative connotations, the car is a place many cats prefer never to go. Experiment by having your cat spend time in the car while it’s off and simply sitting in the driveway. This way, your cat can acclimate to your vehicle on his own time.

In the Waiting Room

Bring along a few of your cat’s favorite toys, as well as several cat treats, to use in the waiting room. These items will provide a sense of familiarity and help your nervous cat feel more at ease.

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