Are you planning on taking your dog to the beach soon? It’s a safe bet that your canine friend loves the idea. But it’s important to keep a few safety considerations in mind for beach day! Learn more here from a vet Jacksonville, FL.

Provide Shade

Dogs can get sunburnt just like you, and they can easily overheat if they’re left out in the heat and humidity for too long. If your dog seems exhausted or overly hot, it’s time to head indoors. And consider using a pet-specific sunscreen on areas of the body that aren’t totally covered in fur, like the paws.

Provide Fresh Water

Your dog shouldn’t be drinking the salty ocean water. Bring along a large thermos of cool, fresh water and a doggie dish for Fido to drink from. Hydration is key when you take your dog to the beach!

Careful When Swimming

It’s best not to let your dog venture into the ocean alone—go with him to provide support. Even experienced canine swimmers can be caught off-guard by currents and ocean tides.

Does your dog need veterinary care? That’s where we come in. Set up an appointment today to see your animal hospital Jacksonville, FL.

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