Did you know that nearly half of all domesticated pets are overweight? If you’re wondering whether or not your pet is part of that statistic, use these methods as described by your Jacksonville, FL veterinarian to determine if your pet is overweight.

Top View

Straddle your pet and look down on them from above. Can you discern your pet’s “waist” behind the ribcage, blending gently into the back hips? If this area bulges out, your pet is probably carrying too much body fat.

Side View

Kneel down and look at your pet from a side view. If the belly area sags rather than curving gently upward into the back legs, this is a sign of obesity. Cats, in particular, are known for collecting body fat in this area.

Feel the Ribs

If you cannot feel your pet’s rib bones with some gentle prodding at the sides of the body, it’s because a layer of fat is preventing you from doing so. Let your vet know if this is the case with your pet.

Obese pets will need a diet and exercise plan to return themselves to a healthy weight. Call your vet clinic Jacksonville, FL today to get your pet started.

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