Disease is certainly something that’s been in the news a lot lately. Have you ever wondered if you can catch a disease from your canine companion? The answer is that you can, although it’s not something need to be worried about on a daily basis. Learn more here from a vet clinic Bowmanville, ON.

Zoonotic Diseases

Zoonotic diseases are diseases that can be transmitted between animals and humans. Rabies is one you’ve probably heard of, and examples of other zoonotic diseases are Lyme disease, giardiasis, leptospirosis, and Ehrlichiosis. And although very rare, it’s possible for parasites like fleas, hookworms, and roundworms to be transmitted from a dog to a human.

Those Most At-Risk

Most healthy adults aren’t at high risk for contracting a disease from their dog. More at-risk individuals include pregnant women, immunocompromised individuals, and elderly or young people. But even those individuals can easily keep a dog if they follow basic hygiene steps.

Staying Healthy Around Your Dog

Wash your hands regularly and avoid direct contact with your dog’s fecal matter. Keep Fido updated on essential vaccinations and pest-control medicines. Problem solved!

If your dog needs vaccines or pest-control medicines, call your veterinary clinic Bowmanville, ON right away.

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