If you own a dog, nail trims are a part of life. A dog whose nails are allowed to grow too long can experience painful splits or nail fractures, and they might even have trouble walking normally. Here, your Tampa, FL offers three quick steps for trimming Fido’s nails successfully.

Gather Supplies

First, you’ll need to get everything you’ll need for your dog’s nail trim together in one place. You’ll require a set of trimmers made just for dogs—never use clippers designed for other animals or humans—as well as a styptic powder or pen, and a few tasty dog treats.

Snip the Tips

When your canine companion is ready, take one paw and extend the first nail. Snip the tip with your clippers; you’re only trying to blunt it, and it’s not necessary to cut down too far. If you do cut too far, you may cause bleeding by nicking the blood vessel that runs into the nail. That’s where your styptic pen comes in.

Repeat and Reward

Now, repeat the process on each paw. Reward your dog with a few tasty treats when you’re done.

Need help with nail trims? Contact your veterinarian Tampa, FL today!

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